The Northern California Half Moon Bay Coastside Ecotourism Program

Encouraging responsible travel that helps to protect the natural areas of our magnificent coastline and the community that lives here.

Ecotourism along the Half Moon Bay Coastside is very unique, you can experience some of the richest marine reserves, kayak among sea lions, hike through redwood forests, and bicycle along ocean bluffs.  You can visit small working farms where you can dine on farm-fresh organic produce and get private behind the scenes tours, shop on historic Main Street and fish for wild albacore tuna!

Things you can do to be a part of Coastside Ecotourism!

Agriculture - Engage with local farms/stands that are open to the public.
Conservation - Respect, reduce, reuse, and take time to learn about the natural environment.
Culture/Heritage - Learn about the history of the Coastside and its residents.
Recreation - Enjoy nature through non-impact recreational activities.

We have created a list of tours package suggestions for your visit!

We encourage you to pursue the list of ecotourism program participants below, and to learn more about how you can travel green. You can also find more to do, or share your adventure on Facebook and Twitter using the following hashtag: #CoastsideEcotourism



Small local farming is a key asset to the culture of the Coastside, providing some of the healthiest produce and farm to table experiences in all of Northern California. Including numerous other farming related activities, education, and products such as Half Moon Bay’s famous pumpkins, and the goat dairy in Pescadero.  There are also opportunities to indulge yourself at some of the best wineries in Northern California.


The Half Moon Bay Coastside is Northern California’s leader in environmental conservation with numerous parks, reserves, and beaches that provide many opportunities for, education, interpretation, and recreation.  We are located along the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, one of our nation’s most spectacular protected marine reserves.

Culture & Heritage

There are many opportunities to learn about our culture, historic sites, past heritage, and the people of the Northern California Coastside.  One of the best ways to experience the culture is to engage with locals and those operating local businesses in the area.


Recreation is not only fun, but is also a key attribute to personal health and well being.  Here along the Northern California Coastside recreation is a natural part of daily life, bicycling, birding, fishing, guided tours, hiking, kayaking, surfing, and whale watching are just a few of the many recreational opportunities. 

Other Coastside Ecotourism

The Half Moon Bay Coastside is one of the best naturally preserved areas in the nation, thanks to the many residents, local businesses, and organizations that believe in environmental preservation, community well-being, and the ability to share it with others from around the world.  Do what you can to support those who believe that ecotourism is an important part of our future.  Visit our ecotourism program participants if your looking for somewhere to stay, or you can also go to for more lodging availability.


The Half Moon Bay Coastside prides itself on being one of the first cities in the United States to have an official Ecotourism Program. The program encourages all participants to support and promote ecotourism principles by signing an Ecotourism Pledge that outlines what they can do.

Contact us to learn more, or to be a participant in the Ecotourism Program!


Half Moon Bay Harbor View from Sam's Chowder House
Half Moon Bay Harbor View from Sam's Chowder House