Tips for Traveling Green



Below are some helpful tips for traveling green while you visit the Half Moon Bay area Northern California coast.

  • Look for Ecotourism Program participants that have signed the Ecotourism Pledge.
  • Patronize/visit businesses that are environmentally friendly. Ask businesses about their commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  • Take time to learn about the local history, local plants and wildlife on the Northern California Coast and teach this to your children.
  • Buy locally grown produce and foods for your outing and park, walk or rent a bike to get around. You’ll see more and conserve fuel!
  • Leave natural treasures such as rocks, shells, plants, insects or wildlife where you found them for others to enjoy.
  • Stay on established trails and off of fragile cliff, bluff, and sensitive habitat areas which will erode and cannot be repaired.
  • Respect wildlife. Give wildlife plenty of space to be wild. Keep your dogs on a leash, off bluffs and away from wildlife. Clean up after your dog. Click here for a list of San Mateo County State Parks that allow dogs.
  • Recycle: Pack all your trash for recycling, especially on or near beach areas where it can wash into the sea and harm sea life. While you’re at it, why not pick up other trash to leave the beach even more beautiful?!
  • Reduce: Save precious water by asking for it only when needed in restaurants.
  • Reuse: Use your reusable souvenir tote bag for shopping and carrying your picnic supplies. Reuse towels and linens at lodging facilities to save water and energy.

Please remember that your conservation of our precious resources make them available for others to enjoy.  Share your adventure on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag: #CoastsideEcotourism